RAoA Victorian Branch ABM & Workshop Day


Mount Street Neighbourhood House - 6 Mount Street, Glen Waverley 

Sunday 28th May 2017

Registration - 9.00am to 9.30am

ABM and workshop - Commences 9.30am sharp and concludes 4.00pm


ABM and Workshop Information

"Caring for those around us and ourselves"

The RAoA Vic Branch brings you a workshop combining two aspects of care.

  • 9.00am – 9.30am     Registration
  • 9.30am – 11.00am    Victorian ABM – Annual Branch Meeting (2 CPT) FREE attendance
  • 11.00am – 1.00pm    ‘All about Me’ Louise Patterson
  • 1.00pm – 2.00pm      Break for lunch. LUNCH PROVIDED
  • 2.00pm – 4.00pm      ‘Caring for yourself and others’ – Yve Franckcombe. (Practical Involved)

CPT:  ABM Activity 3 = 2 Points, Activity 15 = 4 Points     TOTAL: 6 CPT Points


As this is a catered event, registrations close Wednesday 24th May 2017.

For workshop inquiries please contact:

  • Branch Chair, Karyl McGlinn on 0417 536 030; or
  • State Director, Kate Madigan on 0408 661 863


Louise Patterson - "All About Me"   Yve Frankcombe "Caring For Yourself and Others"

Louise PattersonSo much is written about motherhood and being a parent but we don’t hear much from the baby’s perspective. I wanted to share some of my knowledge about “Babies” with you.

How they see their world, what is important to them, and how we can help the parents help them!

Their needs are few but it is so important for us to get it right as early as possible!

PLUS something that is close to our hearts as Reflexologists - Why touch and holds are crucial not just for love and bonding, but for brain development, growth and a strong immune system and how Baby Massage and Reflexology can be introduced to help with this bonding and development.

Thanks, in advance from someone who knows them well and loves them dearly….

  It’s posture but not as we know it: an unconventional approach to a conventional problem.

What does a dancer’s leg warmer, a polystyrene cup, a pair of old pantyhose and a tennis ball have to do with correcting postural problems for a professional reflexologist? Come along to the next meeting and find out! Please bring a pair of old pantyhose, a tennis ball and, if you can, a reflexology table and a gaslift stool.

This mini workshop will be fact-filled, fun and hands on. You will come away with a fresh approach on how you work with your clients and a new awareness of what is happening in your own body.

  • Did you know that the little niggling pain in your elbow may be a result of the angle of your wrist during a reflexology session?
  • Do you have a pain in the butt? This could be the result of a muscle that attaches to the front of your hipbone.
  • Do your hands hurt after working your client’s nagging heel spur?  The solution could be a fresh approach with an unconventional answer to save your hands and impart maximum impact with minimal effort.

Please wear comfortable/elastic clothing, bring a tennis ball and 1 old pantyhose.


About Our Presenters

Louise Patterson
  • Louise has been a registered nurse since 1986, midwife since 1989, a Baby Massage instructor since 2000 and became a Reflexologist in 2007. In 2013 she set up her own business Community Midwifery Services, services that specialise in nurturing and individual care for mother and baby pre, during and post birth.
  • Originally hailing from the UK, Melbourne has been Louise’s home since 2007.
  • Louise has worked in the UK, Hong Kong and Australia as both a hospital midwife and a community-based autonomous practitioner.
  • Community Midwifery Services was set up to give mothers access to a postnatal home visiting service. The early postnatal period can lead a mother to feel overwhelmed and unprepared, Louise’s’ holistic and individual approach to care looks at what factors causes stress and concerns in the parents- infant relationship and through her and her team’s good support and education finds many of the anxieties around these issues are dissolved.


Yve Frankcombe

  • Yve Frankcombe established her integrative health practice more than 20 years ago. Prior to this, she had a professional career as a secondary school teacher and then transitioned to an editor/project manager in the corporate arena.
  • Her life changed dramatically after attending an introductory course in reflexology. Yve’s primary passions are reflexology and teaching, however she is also qualified in relaxation and remedial massage and manual lymphatic drainage therapy. She brings a wealth of knowledge from all fields and combines them into a workshop tailored to reflexologists.


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