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2 day workshops - 18 CPT Activity 1


2018 National CPT Workshops proudly brought to you by the RAoA

Pain V2   Fertility
Sydney NSW 10-11th March 2018
Brisbane Qld. 17-18th March 2018
Melbourne Vic. 24-25th March 2018

Workshop Overview

This 2 day workshop introduces a completely new concept of understanding the treatment of pain by using unique and highly effective techniques that will assist Reflexology Practitioners obtain amazing therapeutic results quickly and with long term benefits for their clients.

The Kruchik Method is based on Moshe’s therapeutic experience where he faced challenging, complex and ‘painful’ situations creating, enhancing and stimulating pleasure to control, neutralise and combat pain.

The Methodology includes:

  • Exploration – define the nature of the pain, possible causes and understanding why the body suffers

  • Mapping – the ‘logistics’ of pain.  The KEY to effective Reflexology is the accurate location and choice of the reflexes to be used in the treatment.

  • Understanding how to seize pain WITHOUT attacking the painful spots. The understanding of the physiology of pain and the body response – how to transform pain into pleasure.

  • Treatment of pain – Moshe uses a combination of techniques including:

    • release of connective tissue
    • balancing the endocrine system
    • stimulation of the nervous system through each and every one of the 6 major nervous plexuses
    • linking techniques for a positive neuro-endocrine response

  • Techniques for specific pain conditions such as Migraine, Planter Fasciitis, Pre-Menstrual Syndrome, Bursitis and pain of joints, Muscle and Skeletal pain and many more. 

Workshop Overview

In this workshop you will learn:  

• Reflexology for Fertility issues
• Reflexology and the Preparation for Pregnancy (Pre-Conception)

The workshop is 70% hands-on and 30% theoretical and informative. Moshe will speak about the necessary issues to take care before getting pregnant, train specific techniques for specific conditions that might affect fertility, discuss and plan courses of treatment appropriate to each situation or condition.

Techniques for the treatment of the following ailments and fertility issues:

  • Technique for Tubal Occlusion
  • Technique for Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome
  • Technique for Endometriosis
  • Technique for Amenorrhea
  • Techniques to empower male production of sperm
  • Understanding and treating the different conditions that affect Male Fertility
  • The Reflexology Planner for IVF treatments / assisted fertility

Information and proposal of techniques for the treatment of symptoms and conditions known before becoming pregnant.

The purpose is to prevent eventual/further hazards in the development of the pregnancy, analyzing the most convenient course of treatment to be assigned to each possible condition and to preserve an optimal quality of life along the whole period.

Specific techniques and general information about best health before getting pregnant.


Each Workshop is valid for 18 CPT in Activity 1.

Numbers are limited to 30 attendees for each workshop. Book early to avoid disappointment or you may wish to attend another State and have a holiday at the same time. 

You will need to register separately for each workshop if you wish to attend more than one.

This is a RAoA event: please support your Association while learning an additional skill - as they say "Knowledge is POWER"!


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About the Presenter

MAURICIOMauricio (Moshe) Kruchik has been a reflexologist since 1998. Moshe is an Author and lecturer in the field of Reflexology. He runs his own practice in Israel and travels around the world delivering Reflexology courses. To date he has delivered courses in 28 countries in 7 continents and in 5 different languages. Moshe has developed several fields of expertise and in March 2018 will teach us two of these:  Reflexology for Fertility and Pre-conception and Reflexology for the Treatment of Pain. Reflexology for the Treatment of Pain is a whole new concept that approaches the treatment of pain integrating the understanding of the body-mind relationship, investigating all possible resources the feet show, the release of the connective tissue, the stimulation of the nervous system plexuses, the endocrine system and many more. 

As a lecturer Moshe has been invited to speak at several international Conferences including ICR 2007 (Aust) and ICR 2013 (South Africa), RIEN (European) in Luxembourg 2012, RAA Conference in Orlando USA, 2012, RAC Conference in Montreal, Canada 2008, RAoA Conference in 2016. Others include Ireland, London, Paris, Portugal, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and more…RAoA welcomes Moshe back to Australia , this time teaching in BRISBANE, SYDNEY and MELBOURNE!

You will learn some invaluable techniques and information at both of these workshops, therefore please book early as numbers are strictly limited to 30 at each workshop.

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