We are committed to ensuring the privacy of individuals. As of 21 December 2001, the Reflexology Association of Australia is bound by the National Privacy Principles which are set out in the Australian Privacy Act 1998. This policy provides information on our information handling practices.

When information is collected directly from individuals we may provide further relevant information at the point of collection.



We will only collect information from individuals when it is necessary for the performance of a business or organisation function. The information we collect will depend on the individuals relationship with us. Sensitive information (for example, an individuals racial or ethnic origin) will only be collected if the individual gives consent or if it is required by law.


Sensitive information means information about an individual racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, membership of a political, professional or trade association, philosophical beliefs or affiliations, membership of trade union, sexual preferences or practices, or criminal record.



We only use personal information for the purpose for which it was collected. We may also use this information for secondary purposes which directly relate to the primary purpose of collection.


We are an association established to encourage, promote, protect and facilitate self regulation of all activities effecting bona fide reflexology therapists. We use information acquired from individuals and members to facilitate these objects and purposes including promoting activities and functions, public education programs, research programs, professional contact with therapists and promulgation of standards and guidelines.


We may at times share information about members with other associations in support of our mutual objectives.


We have developed a Code of Self Regulation implemented by us. In connection with and pursuant to the Code, we may use, disclose and publish information publicly in relation to therapists, particularly therapists who may be subject to disciplinary action or complaints under the Code.


Contact information held by us may also be used to inform individuals of special offers or additional services provided by us. The individual contacted will be provided with the option of not receiving further communication of this nature.



We do not sell any of the personal information collected. We will only disclose personal information for the primary purpose for which it was collected or for a secondary purpose if it directly relates to the primary purpose. Individuals will be informed of this, and may have to sign a consent form at the point of collection.


We do engage third parties to perform certain business functions. Therefore, it is sometimes necessary to disclose your personal information to those suppliers. Where disclosure takes place, we seek to ensure that your personal information is handled in accordance with the Australian National Privacy Principles.



We endeavour to protect your personal information from unauthorised use, access, disclosure and alteration. Committee members are only provided with access to personal information that is relevant to their roles and responsibilities, and we seek to ensure that these people comply with appropriate policy on the handling of personal information. IT protection systems and internal procedures are also utilised to protect the personal information. We will hold your information until there is no longer a business or legal need to retain it.



We seek to maintain the accuracy of your personal information. We encourage you to contact us if the information we hold about you is incorrect or to notify us if your personal information has changed.



You may contact the Reflexology Association of Australia at any time to access the personal information we hold about you. We may require that you fill out a form to access this information. Access will be provided unless the request is unreasonable or the Australian National Privacy Principles permit us to decline that access. As permitted by law, a fee may be requested to cover the cost of access.



If you have any concerns about our handling of your personal information, please contact the Reflexology Association of Australia. We may ask that you put your request in writing and will seek to resolve your concern as promptly as possible.



We may modify or amend this policy at any time provided the policy still complies with the Privacy Act. The latest version of our policy can be accessed by contacting the Reflexology Association of Australia.



applicable to Director, Office Holder, Employee or Committee Member

As a Director, Office holder, Employee or Member of a RAoA Committee, you may have access to confidential information and material related to Company matters. With full knowledge of the importance of confidentiality to the privacy of members, public and integrity of the Company, by accepting this position, you hereby agree:


The discussions of any Company matters, and any and all information relating to such deliberations, including all related documentation, are confidential unless otherwise stated by the Company or person given the appropriate authority by the Company and I will abide by the RAoA Membership Data Privacy Policy.

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