CPT Tracker How To Record On-line

1. Members will only see the "members link page" when logged in, click on the icon that says "Track your CPT on-line" or alternatively the link in the left hand menu that says "CPT Tracker".



2. You will now see the form and title "CPT Summary for YOUR NAME" if you don't see your name displayed or it is incorrect contact admin@reflexology.org.au

If you click on the "HELP" link it will take you to the members CPT folder where all aspects of the CPT program can be located.

To record a CPT event you have attended click on the appropriate category "EDIT" button.


3. The input screen for the selected category now appears, input your data and then click "ADD" button.


4. You will now see your event appear below.

You can edit this event if required by changing the data in the input fields and clicking the "update button"


Add another event in the same category using the fields in the above image as before.

If you have another event to add but in a different category use the "Back to Summary" link and select your next event field or to just check your CPT points have been updated in the main form.


5. All done you can return any time to add or edit events.



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