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2019 AGM v2

RAoA 2019 Annual General Meeting & Workshop Weekend


Register and pay for the AGM and Workshop Weekend


19th and 20th October, 2019 (Saturday, Sunday)

The Old Woolstore, 1 Macquarie Street, Hobart Tasmania
Registrations 10.00am Saturday, program starts 10.30am and finishes 4.15pm Sunday


Be prepared to release your old mind set and leave Tasmania with a newfound sense of freedom and new skills to enhance your Reflexology practice!


9:00–10:00        Tai Chi - self care (included in registration cost, attendance optional)
10:00–10:30       Registrations, welcome and morning tea
10:30–12:30       Workshops (Choice of: Bill Pearson or Phil Boyd)
12:30–1:30         Lunch - Networking 
1:30–3:30          Workshops continued
3:30–4:00          Afternoon Tea
4:00–5:00          Hands on Hands - Practicum Exchange

Saturday Evening

6:30 - 8:00         Dinner (Optional - RSVP required and pay for yourself, this is additional to your registration cost)


9:00 – 9:30         Registration and networking
9:30 – 10:30       2019 RAoA Annual General Meeting
10:30 –11:00      Morning Tea
11:00 –1:00        Workshops (Choice of: Phil Boyd or Ruth Casper)
1:00 – 2:00         Lunch - Networking 
2:00 –4:00          Workshops continued
4:00 - 4:15         Farewell session with take-away afternoon tea package

CPT Activity 2 = 15 CPT for full weekend attendance or AGM only 5 CPT

A fun weekend has been organised by the Tasmanian branch to entice you to attend the RAoA’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) this year.

The Tasmanian Branch have structured the workshops to allow you to travel to Hobart on Saturday morning and home again on Sunday afternoon, unless you wish to stay longer in picturesque Hobart.

Saturday begins with an optional Tai Chi session at 9am for those arriving early, with morning tea and registrations at 10am. The first two workshops will commence at 10.30am. The workshops will be practical sessions so that you can practice as you learn. Sunday morning will be the AGM followed by two more workshops; some different choices to Saturday but still practical and hands-on. Sunday will conclude by 4.15pm to allow those who need to depart Hobart time to travel home. As Tasmania has reasonably priced venue costs, this event is provided at an attractive rate.

The workshops include Ruth Casper presenting Chakras and Reflexology, Bill Pearson presenting Medical Qigong workshop: gathering and releasing Chi, and Phil Boyd presenting a Wrist and forearm workshop repeated both days. A brief introduction of these presenters and their workshops follow.

Members who wish to attend the AGM only (Sunday 9:30am to 10:30am), please email (AGM only).


Advance your clinical expertise with the following presentations

Bill Pearson v2

Bill Pearson

Tai Chi (Saturday am)

"Medical Qigong - Gathering
and releasing Chi"


Philip Boyd v2

Phil Boyd

"Wrist & Forearm Mobilisation"
(session repeated Saturday and Sunday)


Ruth Casper v2

Ruth Casper

"Chakras and Reflexology"


Bill has been studying, teaching and practicing Medical Qigong for over 20 years. He has been a TCM practitioner registered with the Chinese Medicine Registration Board and is the Principal of Jian Shen Tai Chi – Qigong School in Glenorchy Tasmania. Bill has taught workshops throughout Australia, Tokyo and Osaka and the Minzu University in Beijing. 

Bill will be conducting a Tai Chi session on Saturday morning to kick off the weekend’s events. This Tai Chi class will be an opportunity for participants to learn a section of 108 Yang Style Tai Chi, one of the oldest forms of Tai Chi.

Certainly, we all have an understanding that Tai Chi is great for physical balance but this class introduces us to the emotional and spiritual aspects of the form as well as reasons behind the movements so we have an understanding of what is behind them. It is said that “where the mind goes the Chi goes” and this is an important aspect of this class: that we use the mind to harness the Chi and direct it to where we want it to go.

After morning tea Bill will be presenting his Medical Qigong workshop on gathering and releasing Qi. This concentrated four hour workshop looks at the organ systems of our bodies, gathers Qi from around us, brings it into our bodies and distributes it along the meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine; thus restoring, harmonising and balancing.

If imbalance, illness etc. is a direct result of stagnation (body, mind and spirit or a combination of all of these) Medical Qigong was created to clear the stagnation and to restore balance and harmony. Qigong literally means “moving energy and breath” and by fulfilling these we are going a long way to restoring harmony and centering our bodies and minds.

Philip Boyd has been practicing massage since 1992 and has been instructing Pilates since 2001. He was a tutor in various remedial massage techniques at Island Health College.

In his massage work Phil has specialised in musculoskeletal techniques. He has had extensive training and experience in the use of Muscle Energy Technique (MET) to assess and correct postural and movement dysfunctions. After attending Dr Paul Conneely’s Talus workshop, Foot mobilisation became one of Phil’s specialties.

Phil is on a constant quest for more effective ways of treating his clients and as a result employs an eclectic range of techniques when working with these clients. To broaden his knowledge of fascia he has attended workshops with Thomas Myers, Eric Dalton and Robert Schlep.

Presenting the same workshop on both days, Phil brings his extensive knowledge and experience of working with mobilisation techniques to hands. In his Wrist and forearm workshop you will learn practical techniques that can be easily incorporated into a hand reflexology session.

Philip will give a brief overview of the anatomy of the wrist and forearm looking at the function of the carpal bones and the radius and ulna. You will review the assessment of dysfunctional movement patterns and learn mobilisation techniques to free up restrictions. Participants will experience deep tissue techniques to release adhesions in the tendons and Phil will demonstrate spray and stretch treatment of tennis elbow. There will also be an opportunity to practice wrist and finger exercises and learn about the carpal tunnel stretch.

Ruth Casper has a natural therapies practice in Tasmania and enjoys integrating the benefits of reflexology, aromatherapy and remedial massage into her sessions.

In 2014, her knowledge and experience of Chakra energies was deepened by becoming an accredited Chakradance® facilitator. Ruth believes that our body and mind possesses natural self-healing wisdom; but the body can only do this if we let it. She has found that Chakra work through reflexology is a direct and powerful way to help clients re-balance and re-align their subtle energies.

Ruth is delighted to have the opportunity to share and explore these beautiful synergies with you at our upcoming AGM.

Ruth’s workshop will explore the subtle energies of the seven main Chakras. In particular, how balances, imbalances and interactions may manifest in our behavioural patterns, and our physical and metaphysical selves.

Workshop participants will then be guided to develop their own unique and intuitive way/s to re-balance and re-align Chakras through reflexology.

There will be time for hands-on experience to put into practice these deepened reflexology treatments straight away!