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Article Index

Searching the Research Data Index

The Research Data Index is a collection of references to both formal and informal studies and reports on research in reflexology. Because of copyright limitations, only the author, title, source and keywords for each reference are given:

  • The author is the name or names of the person or persons who have written the article described in the reference.
  • The title is the title of the article.
  • The source is the name of the publication or the web site in which the article appears.
  • The keywords are words which indicate the coverage / content of the article
  • For full text articles see Research Articles Archive below

To perform an index search:

  • Type into the search box a key word or phrase e.g. pregnancy or randomised controlled trials
  • You can use partial words e.g. reflex and will get all words starting with reflex e.g. reflexology, reflexes, reflexologist, etc.
  • The results are an index of articles

Research Articles Archives is a collection of material on research into reflexology and related therapies, as well as examples of how you might conduct research in these therapies. Most articles listed in the Research Data Index are held in the archives and you may request a copy e.g. those from Reflexology journals. Other articles are subject to copyright and you may need to ask your local or state library to get you a copy on interlibrary loan. Interlibrary loan usually attracts a fee for service.

A number of other databases are freely available via the web. The following documents have been provided to assist you in your research.

  • Useful Research Websites for Complementary Health.doc (link) If you have found a site helpful and would like to share, or you find a site listed is outdated, please let the research committee know.
  • Data Credibility and Referencing.doc (link)

For further assistance contact Heather Edwards on Your inquiry is welcome and every effort will be made to assist you. Please put Reflexology Research Archives Inquiry in the subject line, or your email may be deleted as spam.