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Data Credibility and Referencing

  • Accuracy

Is the information reliable and error-free?

Has the information been verified, edited and checked?

  • Authority

Is there an author? What are his/her qualifications?

Who is the publisher?

Who is the sponsor of the web page? Is the sponsor reputable?

Is there a link to information about the author or the sponsor?

If the page includes neither a signature nor indicates a sponsor, is there any other way to determine its origin?

Look at the domain e.g. .net,, .com,, .org, etc.

Look for a header or footer showing affiliation

  • Objectivity

Is there a minimum of bias in the information?

Is the information influenced by advertising on the page?

  • Currency

Is there a date on the document?

How current are the links? Are they still relevant? Have they expired or moved?

  • Coverage

Are the topics covered relevant?

What does this page offer that is not found elsewhere?

How in-depth is the material?

Exercise: Go to and try three different searches: what is reflexology research, “what is reflexology research”, researching reflexology. Compare the results.


It is important to acknowledge all sources by referencing your information. Referencing your sources ensures that the work of authors and other creators of knowledge are acknowledged for their intellectual work. Referencing is done by:

  • Providing a reference, or bibliography, listing the sources of information
  • Providing citations where you have quoted or paraphrased another’s words or ideas

Plagiarism is when you claim someone else’s thoughts and ideas as your own. This is academically unethical and unacceptable. Plagiarism occurs when you copy sentences or paragraphs from a book, journal article, web page or another’s information, without referencing. You can avoid plagiarism by expressing information using your own words and referencing someone else’s, clearly and consistently.

Referencing styles:

There are different styles of referencing or citing information. Schools or lecturers may specify a style they want used.