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Potential Member FAQ

What Possible Job Opportunities Are There For Reflexology Students

Students require a standard of business skills and their own equipment before seeking work experience or job opportunities. Your tutor should be assisting you with these skills. A mentor from the RAoA web site can also help. Mentor List

Here is a list of possible businesses to approach but be aware that there are lots of other opportunities in our communities were you can work with Reflexology. The key is to find an environment that accepts Reflexology and some place that you, as the Reflexologist, feel comfortable. Offer your skills to;

• Mining employees
• Hairdressing Salons
• School Staff and School Support Officer 's –offer introduction sessions SSO week
• Residential Age Care Facilities
• Aboriginal Age Care Organisations
• Allied Health Practices
• Rehabilitation Facilities
• Community Health and Care Organisations HACC Funded
   (Home and Community Care)
• Sporting Clubs
• Hospital Residential Care
• School Parent and Friends Groups
• Community Events – expos, markets, fund raisers ...
• Childhood Learning Centres

Document is by RAoA CPT Director – Susan Jean Ramsey January 2015

Where do I send my membership form?

All membership forms are posted to the administration office or can be scanned and emailed.
Details are on the application form.

What are the training requirements to be a reflexologist?

Currently the training requirements are a Certificate IV in Reflexology and the Diploma of Reflexology from a Registered Training Organisation.

Do you have student membership?

Yes we do. If you are currently studying a reflexology qualification you may be eligible for Free Student Membership. Check the application form for requirements.

What levels of membership are there?

We have four levels of membership. These are Professional, Intermediate, Associate and Student. Check the criteria on the application form for a full explanation of each level.

I have trained overseas how do I apply for membership?

As an association we can assist you in becoming a full member. We have a reciprocal arrangement with both the AOR in the UK and the TSARS in South Africa. If you are a member of one of these associations you can join automatically. If you have trained elsewhere then you will be required to complete Recognition of Prior Learning. You need to contact the admin at for more details.

How do I become a member?

You can become a member by filling in the application form. You will find this under membership.

What does the RAoA stand for?

Reflexology Association of Australia

Public FAQ

Will my health fund cover reflexology?

Most health funds will cover reflexology and give a rebate for a session of reflexology. You can check with either your practitioner or your health fund.

How do I find a reflexologist in my area?

On the home page of our website you can click 'Find a Practitioner'. Put in either your postcode or suburb to bring up a list of reflexologists in your area or close to your area.

How much does a reflexologist charge for a session?

An average price range is in the vicinity of $65-$85 for a standard treatment, however, additional factors including location and the therapist's years of professional experience will determine their pricing.