The Reflexology Association of Australia Limited

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How do I find a reflexologist in my area?


You can refer to our online 'Find a Practitioner' facility on our website to find a therapist near you or you can call our National Office on 1300 733 711 (please note our office is not staffed full-time).

We always recommend when seeking a new therapist that you contact at least two or three and ask them for their pricing, availability and you should discuss any medical condition/s you may have before booking an appointment. 

To search using our online listing:

  1. To search our online information for a therapist click here to be taken to our "Find a Practitioner" facility.
  2. The easiest search method is to sort by postcode in your State - in the postcode search field enter the first digit for your state e.g. "3" for Victoria.  Then click on the green "Postcode" button to search for all postcodes beginning with the number you entered.
  3. The results will display in numerical order so you can jump to those postcodes closest to your area including entries for nearby postcode areas.