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What Possible Job Opportunities Are There For Reflexology Students


Students require a standard of business skills, insurance, First Aid and their own equipment before seeking work experience or job opportunities. Your tutor should be assisting you with these skills. A mentor from the RAoA web site can also help (refer our list of Mentors here). 

Here is a list of suggested businesses you could approach, this list is not comprehensive and there are lots of other opportunities in our communities were you can work with Reflexology. The key is to find an environment that accepts Reflexology and some place that you, as the Reflexologist, feel comfortable. Offer your skills to:

• Mining employees
• Hairdressing Salons
• Allied Health Centres
• Podiatry Clinics
• Chiropractic Clinics
• Therapy/Beauty Clinics
• School Staff and School Support Officer 's –offer introduction sessions SSO week
• Residential Age Care Facilities
• Aboriginal Age Care Organisations
• Rehabilitation Facilities
• Allied Health Centres
• Support Groups and Centres
• Community Health and Care Organisations HACC Funded (Home and Community Care)
• Sporting Clubs
• Hospital Residential Care
• Hospital rehabilitation/Allied Health Centres
• School Parent and Friends Groups
• Community Events – expos, markets, fund raisers
• Childhood Learning Centres
• Corporate businesses

Where do I send my membership form?


You can forward your completed Membership Application and required documentation either by email to or by post to our postal address, attention to the "Membership Officer", PO Box 253 Wynnum Central Qld 4178.

These details are also available on each Application Form. 

Application forms can be downloaded from our webiste here.

What are the training requirements to be a reflexologist?


The two current qualifications that are automatically accepted by the RAoA are the Certificate of Clinical Reflexology (CoCR) offered at approved colleges and the HLT52515 Diploma of Reflexology offered at a number of Registered Training Organisations across Australia. A list of schools and colleges that offer these courses are available on our website here.

Reflexologists that hold an older qualification, one that is not listed above, or hold a qualification acquired overseas can seek to join the RAoA as Intermediate or Professional Members if they successfully pass our Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) Assessment process.  For further information regarding undergoing our RPL process please refer to the below FAQ about becoming a member if you have an overseas qualification.

The current minimum education requirements for a professional Reflexology qualification accepted by the RAoA and the health funds is as follows:

- 72 hours practical/applied Reflexology Training

- 100 hours Case Studies

- 40 Hours Supervised Clinic with evaluations by people attending the clinics

- 15 Clinical Management

- 15 Hours Reflexology Theory

- 30 Hours Communication

- 12 Hours infection Control

- 12 Hours Health and Safety

- 12 Hours Ethics, Code of Conduct/Practice and Legislation

- 12 Hours Wellness and Self Care

- 50 Hours Anatomy and Physiology from a Government accredited Registered Training Organisation (RTO)

- 12 hours Senior First Aid Certificate from an RTO (HLTAID003)

Note:  The RAoA do not endorse, nor accept graduates that have acquired a Reflexology qualification that has been completed solely online. While some theory subjects can be completed online, it is necessary for students to complete many clinical hours under the guidance of a Reflexology qualified lecturer that can assist with the precise location of reflex points and with interpreting what is seen and felt when giving a treatment.

Do you have student membership?


Yes we do. If you are currently studying an approved Reflexology qualification (CoCR or HLT Diploma) you may be eligible for free Student Membership.  Please refer to our Student Application form for requirements.

Application forms can be downloaded here.

What levels of membership are there?


We have four levels of membership, they are Professional (PM), Intermediate (IM), Associate (AM) and Student. Please refer to our Member Benefits document which outlines the inclusions of each membership type. You can view this document online here

- Student Membership is for those currently studying an approved Certificate of Clinical Reflexology or HLT Reflexology Diploma offered through a registered training organisation.

- Associate Membership is available for people that aren't qualified in Reflexology but have an interest in our therapy and wish to receive our State and National newsletters, printed Journal, industry news and other membership benefits.

- Professional and Intermediate Membership is available for people that hold a qualification in Reflexology that meet our minimum educational requirements.

I have trained overseas how do I apply for membership?

In order to join as an Intermediate or Professional Member, people that hold an overseas qualification, an older Australian qualification or a qualification not familiar to the RAoA are required to validate their training through our assessment process ensuring that their competency meets the RAoA Reflexology Standard.  This assessment is called Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).  In order to maintain high standards of professional practice in Australia, we require that all new members are able to meet the standard set by the RAoA.

RPL Process

The RPL process is made up of the following:

  • A self-assessment; and
  • a written assessment and practical session with an RAoA approved Trainer and Assessor (located in most capital cities and will require travel on your behalf to the Assessor).

The Self-Assessment Form and the supporting evidence you supply will be forwarded to a qualified Reflexologist who also holds a current Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

The evidence will assist us to determine the level and depth of your training and experience and to decide the form your assessment should take to ascertain your competency in regard to the accepted RAoA standard.   Once your paperwork has been reviewed, our Assessor will make contact with you to arrange a mutually agreeable time for your written and practical assessment.

Attached to this email is our “Minimum Units and hours required for RPL” which reflects our minimum educational criteria for a professional Reflexology qualification. Please ensure if you proceed with an RPL application that you include academic transcripts of your qualifications and sufficient proof that demonstrates how you meet or exceed these minimum education requirements.

I have attached the Self-Assessment Form for you to complete and return to me. Please ensure that you complete all questions and include copies of all supporting documents, as these will be retained by the Association.  You can return your completed application to us via return email or by post to the PO box address below.

Upon completion, feedback will be provided by the Assessor regarding your theory and practical assessments including a “Competent” or “Not Yet Competent” result.  If you achieve a Competent result you are invited to apply for Intermediate or Professional Membership with the RAoA (proof of 20 CPT points must be provided in order to join as a Professional Member. If you have not completed sufficient points, you can join as an Intermediate Member and upgrade at a later date once the required points have been achieved).

A Not Yet Competent result means you are required to undertake further education or training in the areas discussed with the Assessor in order to meet our standards before you can join as an Intermediate or Professional Member.

Support Provided

Please be assured that at every stage throughout this evaluation process our Assessors are committed to supporting and assisting applicants and you will be kept informed and advised of your progress at all times.


The RPL application fee is $495.00 (inclusive of GST) and includes administration cost and Assessor/assessment fee. $250.00 of this is due immediately upon the return of the RPL Application. The balance of $245.00 is payable at the second stage when we arrange the date and time for your written and practical assessment. The RPL fee is non-refundable should you fail to pass our educational criteria and assessment.

Membership Status

As stated above, you are eligible to join now as an Associate Member with the RAoA and you can upgrade to an Intermediate or Professional Member upon successfully passing our RPL assessment. If you would like to join now, please download a copy of our Associate Member Application from our website here (please note that your Membership cost is in addition to the above RPL application cost).

Reciprocal Arrangement with AOR or TSARS

If you have held recent professional membership with the UK Association of Reflexologists (AOR) or Traditional South African Reflexology Society (TSARS) you are not required to undergo the RPL assessment as we have a reciprocal arrangement with them. You are required to show us proof of your membership (either membership receipts or certificates) and your membership must have been within the last 12 months. Under this arrangement, you are invited to proceed with an application for Intermediate or Professional Membership with our Association (for Professional Membership, you must show your CPT points for the past year).

Can you also please advise if you have held registration with any other association for Reflexology within the last five years? If so, please also include copies of your membership certificate so that we can see you have remained up-to-date with your ongoing education (CPE/CPT) which is a requirement in order to join immediately as a Professional Member and be registered as a Reflexology provider with the Health Funds.

We look forward to receiving your completed Application, Self-Assessment and supporting paperwork together with your payment details.

How do I become a member?

If you recently graduated with an approved professional Reflexology qualification (Certificate of Clinical Reflexology or the HLT Diploma of Reflexology) please download and complete our Membership Application form. 

For people with older qualifications, please contact our Membership Office by telephone or email to see that you meet our membership criteria.

What does the RAoA stand for?


RAoA is short for the "Reflexology Association of Australia".