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RAoA Queensland Branch Meeting & Workshop 

Wynnum Community Centre, Wynnum  QLD  4178

Sunday 17th February 2019

L Moore Padaveda

Registration - 8:15am to 8:50am

Meeting and workshop - Commences 8:50am sharp and concludes 5:30pm

Meeting and Workshop Information

Registration includes morning and afternoon tea.

08.15am - 09.00am    Registration, networking and welcome
09.00am - 09.30am    Branch General Meeting
09.30am - 09.45am    Morning tea and networking
09.45am - 12.30pm    "Padaveda" with Leanne Moore
12.30pm – 01.25pm    Lunch and networking (BYO lunch or cafes nearby)
01.30pm - 05.30pm    "Padaveda" with Leanne Moore (15 min afternoon tea break included)

Activity 1 = 7 Points, Activity 3 (Meeting) = .5 Points   TOTAL: 7.5 CPT Points full day

Padaveda – Knowledge of the Feet through Ayurveda with Leanne Moore

Ayurvedic Medicine is traditional Indian medicine. It encourages a life based on harmony with natures rhythms, with an awareness of balancing all levels of being in body, mind and soul. According to Ayurveda there are 5 subtle forces that underlie the Universe. They are known as earth, water, fire, air and ether. These forces create the fabric of matter, defining its structure and function. As such, they form the foundation of our being and mould our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual characteristics. They are also present in each and every Reflexology technique.

As a reflexologist you hold the whole being in the palm of your hands. During a treatment, each technique ripples through and impacts upon all levels of being—the body, the mind, the emotions and soul. This workshop sheds a fresh light on familiar techniques, allowing you to consciously connect with these levels and develop a truly holistic treatment.  You will gain an appreciation of how to work with the emotions, the intellect, the subconscious mind, the ego and the soul.

This will create a deeper and more profound connection, a magical dance with the person you are treating.

What can you hope to gain from this Workshop?

* An understanding of how Ayurveda views the being with particular reference to the 5 elements and the ego, the conscious mind, the emotions, the intellect, the subconscious mind and the soul.

* A fresh insight upon Reflexology techniques, exploring their qualities and how they resonate with the 5 elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether.

* An awareness of how to connect with the ego, the emotions, the mind and the soul via your Reflexology techniques.

* The ability to perform an Ayurvedic Foot Massage. A wonderful way to complete a Reflexology session.

* An awareness of the vital energy centres (marmas) on the feet, their indications and a technique to work them. Therefore, an additional map that can easily be incorporated within a reflexology treatment.

Create a truly holistic Reflexology Session, consciously rippling through all levels of being.

This is a practical and theory workshop, so please bring along a massage table or recliner chair, 4 x towels, pillow, hand wipes and wear comfortable clothing.

Don't forget to bring a notepad with pen or other media for taking notes. Workshop notes from Leanne will be emailed to attendees prior to the workshop.

About Leanne

Leanne Moore has spent most of her adult life exploring holistic medicine, specialising in Reflexology and Ayurvedic Medicine.

She began exploring reflexology at 18 years of age and soon discovered that she enjoyed the quiet presence of working on another’s feet. Leanne quickly became engrossed in studying the myriad of reflexology maps on the feet and her fascination and love for this eventually led her to study Reflexology professionally and begin a practice on the North Coast of NSW in 1993.

Her interest in Ayurveda developed as a natural progression from yoga, which she practiced from a young age. Ayurveda also soon became a passion. “I love the wisdom of this ancient Medical system, its gentle encouragement to align with nature’s rhythms and the holistic nature of its healing.” She began studying Ayurveda in 2000 and has been practicing this ancient science in her clinic since 2006.

Leanne has a strong commitment in sharing these modalities. She has enjoyed teaching people to become professional reflexologists in a Diploma of Reflexology at the NSW School of Natural Medicine. As a member of the Reflexology Subject Matter Expert Group, she worked closely with the Australian Government to improve the standards of Reflexology training throughout Australia. Leanne teaches a variety of Post-graduate Reflexology workshops across Australia on Padaveda (blending Reflexology and Ayurveda) and has made several presentations at National Reflexology Conferences.

She has also taught Ayurvedic Massage and Ayurvedic Nutrition at the NSW School of Natural Medicine and facilitates Residential Retreats in Ayurveda, providing the opportunity for people to experience Ayurveda deeply.



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