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 RAoA Victorian Branch Meeting & Workshop 

Shambhala Centre - 40 Bridge Street, Bulleen  VIC  3105

Sunday 2nd December 2018

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Registration - 9:30am to 10:00am

Meeting and workshop - Commences 10:00am sharp and concludes 5:00pm

Registration includes lunch, morning and afternoon tea.


Meeting and Workshop Information

09.30am - 10:00am   Registration, morning tea and Networking
10:00am - 11:00am   Branch Meeting
11.00am - 12.30pm   Miranda Foyster – ‘Working with Ease – Strategies to reduce effort’
12.30pm - 01:30pm   Lunch and Networking - Lunch Provided
01.30pm – 03.30pm   Paul Whittaker – ‘Relationship between TCM channels & reflexes’
03.30pm - 03.45pm   Afternoon tea and networking
03.45pm – 04.45pm   Pam Allen – ‘Levels of Consciousness and 30min guided Meditation practice’
04.45pm - 05.00pm   Closing and Clearing up

Activity 1 = 4.5 Points, Activity 3 (Meeting) = 1 Point, Activity 15 = 1 Point   TOTAL: 6.5 CPT Points full day

Miranda Foyster 11am - 12:30pm, "Working with Ease - Strategies to reduce effort and sense more with clients"

Presentation overview

Miranda has designed and delivered a range of workplace wellness programs based on the Feldenkrais Method to reduce employee fatigue and stress. Her key strategies for facilitating better movement practice in work and recreational activities are attention, play, and skeletal transmission of force.

This presentation will provide participants opportunities to experience and experiment with these key strategies, within the context of common postural and force production activities for Reflexology Practitioners. Miranda will offer an overview of the principles informing each activity in the presentation, and open the floor to questions towards the end of the session.

Benefits of this presentation:

  • Develop understanding of physical effort in the work
  • Learn strategies to recognise and reduce unnecessary effort in the work (fatigue reduction)
  • Learn strategies to enhance recovery between clients and at the end of the working day

Miranda Foyster Photo

About Miranda Foyster

Miranda Foyster is a Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner and Human Movement educator with over 10 years' experience preparing and delivering movement lessons to groups and individuals of diverse fitness and abilities. An ASCA Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach and Cert IV Personal Trainer, she recently completed her Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science with Distinction, and is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Science (Honours) through research into older women’s experiences of strength training. 


Paul Whittaker 1:30-3:30pm, "Relationship between TCM channels and Reflexes"

Presentation overview

Reflex areas on the hands/feet and their links to the TCM meridians – How to apply this in clinical practice.


  • What are TCM channels, and how are they relevant to your practice?
  • Hand and foot channels, in particular: Liver, Kidney, Spleen, Lung and Heart
  • Relationships between reflex areas and channels
  • Identifying and addressing imbalances in the system and organs
  • Practical application - 1. Plantar/palmar, 2. Dorsal and 3. Distal

This is of particular interest to reflexologists in an improved understanding of the following concepts:

  • Meridians or TCM channels?
  • That channels aren’t just 2D lines that run through parts of the body but 3D networks
  • The pathways of the yin channels: Spleen, Liver, Kidney, Heart and Lung
  • The relationship of these channels to reflex areas on the feet and hands
  • How an understanding of these channel pathways allows the practitioner to expand their practice by identifying and addressing imbalances in the body and visceral organs.

Paul Whittaker Photo

About Paul Whittaker BEd, BHSc, MAc

Paul began working as a sports trainer in 1972 in Melbourne, trained as a secondary school teacher and, in the 80s and 90s, whilst working in country Victoria, spent time in Japan working with martial artists. This work led to him developing an interest in the art of acupuncture, after which he trained in both China and Australia in the principles and practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He upgraded his qualifications in Australia to a BHSc in 2006 and then completed a Masters degree in Acupuncture at the University of Western Sydney in 2009. From 2006-2015 he was a Lecturer and then Senior Lecturer in Chinese Medicine at the Southern School of Natural Therapies in Melbourne, whilst still practising part time in his clinic in Central Victoria. He continues to practice in a multi-modality practice with his Reflexologist wife in Kyneton, Victoria.

The topic he is presenting is a special area of interest of his, demonstrating the links between reflex areas on the feet/hands and the TCM channels, and how this can be used in clinical practice to identify and address imbalances in the body and visceral organs.


Pam Allen 3:45-4:45pm, "Levels of Consciousness and 30min guided Meditation practice" 

Presentation overview

Pam facilitates weekly meditation classes that have their foundation in Dr David Hawkins, Levels of Consciousness. We constantly act from differing levels of consciousness throughout our lives. (ie grief, shame guilt, desire, love, courage, willingness etc).  The common misconception is that life events cause us to feel lower emotions and we drop down into a victim consciousness. (eg. I lose my job and I feel angry / fearful / sad).

Can you imagine choosing how you feel about life? In any situation? An understanding of the Levels of Consciousness offer us a means of witnessing our behaviour in a new manner.  In doing this we are enabled to start transcending the lower emotions and work towards consistency LIVING in the higher states. (eg. I lose my job and feel that new opportunities are coming towards me. I am excited and enlivened.)

Responding to situations rather than reacting. This is a big shift.

Come along and learn about the levels of Consciousness and experience their power in a guided meditation exercise.

Pam Allen Photo

 About Pam Allen

Pam is a qualified meditation teacher (Diploma of Meditation and Mindfulness – College of Soul Focused Psychotherapy - 2015)

A former teacher, Pam has been providing holistic therapies in Geelong since 2008. These include, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy. She is known for her empathic nature, sense of humour and ability to listen deeply to her clients.

She is committed to her own wellness and seeks to maintain this with daily practices of yoga, Qi Gong (2hrs daily - Ancient Chinese meditation), healthy eating and exercise. She is a life-long learner, investing in continuing courses in self-development. One of her great passions is assisting others to find their own highest level of wellness.


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