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RAoA Victorian Branch ABM & Study DayEar Pointsjin shin jyutsu

Sunday 19th May 2019

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Augustine Centre - Habitat Uniting Church, 2 Minona St Hawthorne VIC


ABM and Workshop Information

09.30am-10.00am        Registration
10.00am-11.00am        ABM and election of incoming Committee
11.00am-11.30am        Morning Tea and Networking
11.30am-01.00pm        Teena Croker "Harmonising life energy of Mind Body and Spirit"
01.00pm-02.00pm        Lunch and Networking (lunch included in registration)
02.00pm–05.00pm       Bryan O’Neill "Reflexology Discussion and Practical on Protocols"
05.00pm-05.30pm        Closing, feedback and tidy-up

Activity 1 = 3 Points, ABM Activity 3 = 2 Points, Activity 15 = 2.5 Points     TOTAL: 7.5 CPT Points (full day attendance) 

- As this is a catered event, registrations close Wednesday 15th May 2019 so that we can advise numbers to the caterers
- For workshop inquiries please contact Cate Brown on 0408 209 718 or email 

Teena Croker



TEENA CROKER "Harmonising Life Energy of Mind Body and Spirit"

Teena is a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner who will share with us this model of energy flow through the hands and feet and its relationship to Reflexology. Benefits to understanding Jin Shin Jyutsu are:

- Gaining tools to facilitate better outcomes in treatments
- Helping others to help themselves for health, vitality and wellbeing

Teena's presentation will include:

- Relaxation with the 36 breaths
- Story of Jin Shin Jyutsu's origin and coming to the western world from Japan
- Overview of Jin Shin Jyutsu
- Going a little deeper into the hands/fingers and relation to the feet and other areas of the body
- Some self help demonstrations/exercises
- Opportunity for discussion and to ask questions 

About Teena

Teena has 12 years of study and practice in Jin Shin Jyutsu, is co-organiser for all Jin Shin Jyutsu classes and has worked with nine of only 21 Certified Instructors. Teena is also an Authorised Practitioner and presenter of self help classes. She has a background in business and education and after a life-threatening incident, found the study and practice of Jin Shin Jyutsu to be life changing. Teena loves nature and working with others to embody the journey of learning. Teena's practice is located in Torquay, Victoria.

Bryan ONeillBRYAN O'NEILL "Reflexology Discussion and Practical on Protocols Incorporating Feet, Hand and Ears" including an Introduction on the 4 phases of Auricular THerapy and the Autonomic Vascular Response

Bryan was at the forefront of introducing the Microsystem of the ear to Reflexology students in Victoria which has added new dimensions to working protocols for all practitioners of Reflexology. 

Bryan will be guiding us through a collaborative discussion on treatment protocols for health disorders on all Microsystems including hands, feet and ears and acu points. This will be an opportunity to share our collective knowledge. He will also give a brief introduction on the 4 phases of Auriculotherapy and The Vascular Autonomic Signal. This will be an opportunity to share our collective knowledge base.

If you possess these items, please bring them along:

- Electrical point finder/ Auricular scope
- Auricular probe
- Cleansing swabs
- Massage table or fold back chair and stool
- An open mind 

If you have any of these texts, you may like to bring them to the workshop as Bryan will be referring to them: Auriculotherapy. The practitioner’s Guide - By Jim Chalmers, Auriculotherapy manual - By Terry Oleson, Soliman’s Atlas of Auricular Therapy and Treatment Manual. Second Edition - By Nader Soliman M.D., The Healing Ear - By Dennis L Greenlee.

About Bryan
Since qualifying as a Reflexology practitioner at the Australian School of Reflexology and Relaxation in 1990, Bryan has been very active both as a practitioner and as an educator for the last 29 years.

In 1996 Bryan was at the forefront of introducing the Microsystem of the ear to Reflexology students in Victoria which has added new dimensions to working protocols for all practitioners of Reflexology.

Bryan has a long history of working in a variety of industries and situations including: Medical surgeries, Corporate health, Nursing homes, Hospice and palliative care as well educating as a Senior Lecturer at a number of large colleges of remedial therapies including TAFE and CAE.

Bryan is currently a practitioner at Natural Alternatives Medical Practice with Dr.Katrina Watson (Leopold, Vic.) and Geelong Natural Therapies (West Geelong, Vic.) and is one of the founding members of the RAoA.